Donations from the community allow the Sedona Community Center to successfully and compassionately provide our Meals on Wheels Program, serve lunch M-F here at the Center, provide the food for our Breakfast Club Program, and provide the funds for our center operations. In short, we need your donations to effectively do what we do!

Donations can be given to in a variety of ways. We have the Tax Credit Program, Sponsorships, participation in our yearly fund raisers, Planned Giving, and simply clicking on the donate button on this page or sending us a check to support our overall programs and services.

The Tax Credit Program

“Everybody should have a hot meal everyday” said Joan Jensen a volunteer who with her 93 year-old husband Bob deliver Meals on Wheels to home-bound residents .

The Community Center has been fulfilling this need for over 25 years with their five-day a week Congregate Meal and Meals on Wheels Programs. Over the past year, the Congregate Meal Program has increased 23% and the Meals on Wheels Program has increased 10% The Center is trying not only to continue these critical and vital services but add a sixth day to their home-bound program. None of these services are possible without your generous and compassionate help.

The Center’s biggest fund raiser is the State Tax Credit Program. An individual can donate $200.00 and a couple $400.00 each year and that amount will be deducted from any State Tax you owe.   You no longer have to itemize deductions to claim the tax credit.

It’s easy and a win-win situation. You get to decide how your tax dollars are going to be spent, help the Center, and in return pay less State Taxes. The other positive is that this does not compete with the Kid’s Tax Credit Program. You can contribute fully to both thus helping the youth and senior population of our community.



Sponsorships are an excellent way for you to pick and choose what your donation is going to support.

You can adopt a senior. For $100.00 you can pay for a senior to receive a month’s worth of lunches served at our Center, Monday thru Friday at noon. For $25.00 you can pay for a week’s worth of lunches and for $50.00 pays for 10 sessions. For $200.00 you can sponsor 2 seniors to receive lunch at our Center for 2 months.

You can sponsor a senior attending one of our exercise or educational programs. For example, your $50.00 donation will pay for a senior to attend a Spanish Class or Brain Enhancement Class or Yoga Class for 8 sessions. Your $25.00 donation will pay for 4 sessions.

Yearly Fund Raisers include our Annual Appeal which occurs each spring; Festival of Trees at Tlaquepaque November 23-December first; Loving Bowls December 1st at the Sedona Arts Center.

What is a planned Gift?

A planned gift is a gift given by an individual who shares a portion of their assets or estate. Your estate is a combination of assets including money, real estate, stocks, bonds, art, automobiles, life insurance…anything owned by you that have monetary value.

A bequest is a gift made through a will. The four most common bequests are:

  • Cash
  • A percentage of an estate
  • Residuary bequests (the value of an estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for)
  • Appreciated assets including stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

By making the Sedona Community Center the beneficiary of your planned gift or bequest, you allow your resources to continue to work for you during your lifetime and help the Sedona Community Center continue to do its work of enhancing the lives of Sedona residents. You can give your planned gift while you are still alive for you to enjoy or plan that it be given after your passing.

Your commitment to the Sedona Community Center includes the possibilities of planned giving through:

  • Charitable contributions
  • Wills and bequests
  • Life insurance policies
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Real estate holdings
  • Life insurance gifts

Appreciated Securities are gifts including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. By transferring ownership of appreciated securities, donors are able to claim a charitable income tax deduction for its current full market value, but avoid incurring capital gains taxes that would be owed if the stock were sold.

Life Insurance. You can name the Sedona Community Center the beneficiary of all or part of the value of your life insurance policy.

If you are interested in learning more about planned giving and want to help the Sedona Community Center continue to do its work to enhance the lives for Sedona residents, give us a call today and we will schedule an appoint for you with our attorney and financial planner. There is no fee for this service.

Therefore, there are many ways to provide funding for the Sedona Community Center.

  • You can donate money for general operations
  • You can donate money for a specific program like Meals on Wheels
  • You can be a sponsor
  • You can give to our small but growing endowment fund

Our goal is to create a $1,000,000.00 endowment fund within the next 5 years.